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The Inkjet India conference series – successfully completes 5 years!

Dedicated to leading the textile industry towards innovation in digital print

26th February, 2015 | India Habitat Centre | Delhi
27th February, 2015 | Shangri-La Hotel | Delhi
8th March, 2015 | The Gateway| Surat

Inkjet Forum India strengthens its commitment to the digital textile printing industry by successfully hosting its 5th international conference – Inkjet India 2015 presented by Durst Phototechnik AG and co-presented by SPG Prints & Sensient Imaging Technologies. Other Partners included Konica Minolta, Blue Jade & Kornit Digital. Inkjet India 2015 took place on February 26th, 2015 at the prestigious Stein Auditorium | India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The conference provided insight into diverse topics focused on digital printing for apparel & home textile including - market trends, technology updates, design inspiration, sustainability, e-commerce and made available innumerable networking opportunities. Inkjet India 2015 also featured an exclusive exhibition area where technology & ink providers could interact with the delegates and potential clients to showcase their products & technology.

Inkjet Forum India kickstarts training initiative.With the expertise gained over the past 5 years in digital textile printing and closely understanding the needs of the technology users worldwide, Inkjet Forum India has formulated a unique “first of its kind" series of practical training sessions under its ‘Inkjet Workshop’ brand. These exclusive “invite only” workshops will aim to address & resolve specific technical, operational & commercial issues in the entire digital textile printing supply chain. “Being a leading knowledge sharing platform on digital textile printing we want to facilitate companies to build successful business models around this technology” says Aditya Chandavarkar (Founder – Inkjet Forum India) Digital Textile printing has been present in India for the past 15 years however the high print quality and superior color accuracy being produced in other countries has not been achieved to the same extent in India. One reason for this is the lack of precise understanding and poor implementation of digital color matching & profiling standards. Therefore, Inkjet Forum India kick started this initiative with a workshop on color matching/profiling for digital textile printing at two locations in Delhi & Surat supported by DPInnovations, Colorjet & Xrite. It was ensured that each location will be fully equipped with required printing & color measuring equipment for the participants to practically experience the entire workflow.

This workshop series was the first of its kind worldwide to provide real hands on knowledge ensuring the optimum print results can be obtained from every type of digital printing equipment and software. For company owners this will ensure greater success, less errors and increase the confidence of the textile industry in India towards Digital Textile Printing technology.

With more than 200 diverse delegates from various disciplines of the textile industry over 3 locations, it once again proved to be a great knowledge-sharing platform. Please visit www.inkjetforumindia for more details about Inkjet Forum India event itinerary.


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4th International Inkjet Conference

Digital Textile Printing for Fashion & Home Textiles
26th February, 2014 | Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel | Delhi

Inkjet Forum India ventured in to Delhi with its flagship “Inkjet India” series of conferences. The conference focusing on digital textile printing for Fashion & Home Textiles held on February 26th, 2014 at The Shangri La’s - Eros Hotel, New Delhi was well-received and attended by all the stakeholders from the global digital textile printing community and the textile printing industry from the North Indian region. The conference gave the participants an overview of the market trends and also helped determine the business potential which digital textile printing provides in the areas of apparel, fashion, home textiles & garments. With over 150 delegates from various disciplines of the Textile industry, it proved to be an interactive networking platform. The unique table top display areas allowed the technology providers to interact with the delegates, discuss further technical details about their products and display the capability of their technology.

The Conference began with a traditional lighting the lamp ceremony by Mr. Sudhish Aggarwala (President – TAI, Delhi), Mr. Ashish Dhir (Wisedge Consulting) & Mr Gajanan Chandavarkar, (Convener - Inkjet India 2014). Aditya Chandavarkar, Founder & CEO, Inkjet Forum India welcomed the sponsors, speakers, esteemed guests & delegates to Inkjet India 2014. Mr Chandavarkar emphasized “tremendous progress has been made, but there are still many challenges. However, the opportunities for digitally printed textile applications are so large that many technology providers & ink manufacturers are investing largely in textile and textile-related products and systems.”

The conference was spread over four sessions focusing on Opportunities & Innovation in Digital Textile Printing, Digital printing Home Textiles & industry trends. Mr. Ashish Dhir (Wisedge Consulting) opened the conference sharing his insights on the Indian textile & apparel industry and the opportunities for digital textile printing in it. Jos Notermans (SPG Prints), spoke about the gradual developments and coming to age of Digital Textile Printing. According to Mr. Notermans, "Digital Printing is great for just-in-time production for fast-fashion brands.” Mr. Ayush Rathi (MS Orange) concluded the session by elaborating on latest printing technology developments and importance of Sublimation in Digital Textile Printing.

The second session begun with Mr. Stephan Nocke (Sensient Imaging Technologies) sharing his views on the technology of Digital Sublimation and weighed its pros and cons. Ms. Samen Boota (National Textile University, Faisalabad) presented her research on how printers & exporters can drastically cut the costs in ethnic wear for ladies in Pakistan and how the Indian markets can adopt this. Dr. Sanjay Gupta (GD Goenka Institute, School of Fashion and Design) spoke on how Digital Printing is transforming luxury fashion products by providing limitless opportunities in Design. Mr. Nobuyuki Kimura (Konica Minolta) provided a perspective on business models companies should adopt to survive in the Digital Textile Printing scenario. "Textile inkjet printer is now not only for sampling machine." he concluded.

Session three focused on digital printing for home textiles. Mr. Omer Kulka (Kornit Digital Ltd.), emphasized on the future prospects of Home Textiles printed digitally. "Neo-Pigment - The right way for digitally printing home textiles." Mr. Kulka concluded. Mr. Vinod Kumar (Reggiani Macchine) shared his views on the global solution for Home Textiles. Mr. Smitesh Jhaveri (Chimora Print) spoke about the challenges faced by the users of Digital Textile Printing and also showcased how Web to Fabric has revolutionized Digital Textile Printing.

The concluding session of the conference comprised of interesting topics on how Digital Textile printing can revive Hand Embroidery and a Designers’ Perspective on digital textile printing in India presented by Mr. James Wu (BlueJade TexInk) & Mr. Ashish Tagra (Aharin Design) respectively. The conference concluded with an interactive panel discussion moderated by Mr Vinod Krisnamurthy (Mentor – Digital Printing, Inkjet Forum India) and include Mr Jos Notermans, Mr Ashish Dhir, Mr Smitesh Jhaveri & Dr Sanjiv Kamath (Kothari Infotech) on the panel. The topics discussed in the panel discussion evidenced the need for further standardization at every stage in the supply chain of the Indian digital textile printing industry and the fact that digital textile printing is coming to age in India with the next two years really poised to be the growth years for this disruptive technology !


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Inkjet India Workshop 2013 - Bridging the Gap

6th August 2013 | Aditya Chandavarkar

Inkjet Forum India chose Surat for the Inkjet India Workshop 2013. The workshop on Digital Textile Printing was held on August 2-3, 2013 at The Gateway Athwalines, Surat and was co-presented by MS srl & Fujifilm Dimatix with Atexco as the platinum partner. The workshop gave the participants an in-depth technical understanding of Digital Textile Printing and also an opportunity to network with industry experts & colleagues. It was also a great opportunity for the brands, designers & buying houses to network with the leading digital printing houses in Surat.

You can also find more photos of the conference on our Facebook Page !


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Inkjet India 2012 - Growth primer for Indian digital textiles

11th December 2012 | Aditya Chandavarkar

The 3rd International Inkjet Conference, focused on digital textile printing, laid a firm foundation for the growing Indian digital-textile industry. High-quality delegates from India and abroad attended the forum, with 13 presentations spread over two days hosted at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Mumbai. The conference showcased various aspects of digital print, including print-head technology, integration systems, software, colour management, printing equipment, inks and market trends.

Speaker Panel at Inkjet India 2012

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You can also find more photos of the conference on our Facebook Page !


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Inkjet India 2011 grows three fold !

11th December 2011 | Aditya Chandavarkar

Inkjet India 2011 concluded on an optimistic note and experienced a growth of 3 times compared to the previous edition - 210 high quality delegates from India & abroad attended Inkjet India 2011 hosted over 2 days at the luxurious JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu. The conference showcased 13 informative presentations & an interactive panel discussion covering diverse topics including ceramic inkjet printing, UV inkjet technology, printer electronics, RIP software & a full focus day on digital textile printing equipment & inks. Xaar, Huntsman, MS, Mimaki, Kornit Digital Ltd. & SPG Prints also displayed their brochures & samples in the networking zone which received great response from the delegates.

Technical & informative sessions on both days, networking breaks which saw serious business networking, a luxurious venue and delicious food concluded Inkjet India 2011 on a high & successful note. Looking forward to a bigger & better Inkjet India 2012!

Speaker Panel at Inkjet India 2011

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Inkjet India 2010: A thought provoking forum on Digital Printing Technology

18th October 2010 | Aditya Chandavarkar

Inkjet India Conference 2010 concluded on an exciting and energetic note and exceeded all pre – conference expectations. 75 high quality delegates from India & abroad attended the 1st international conference on inkjet printing technology in India with 14 presentations spread over 2 days hosted at the Nehru Centre. Professor Shlomo Magdassi associated with Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the author/editor of The Chemistry of Inkjet Inks who is an authority on the subject was the chief guest and opened the event with an eye opening key note lecture on “Inkjet Printing of Functional Nanoparticles”. He commented that he was impressed by the hunger shown by the delegates to imbibe the knowledge and the professional setup of the conference. Mr N.K.Pal, Sr. Packaging Excellence Manager (Hindustan Unilever Ltd), guest of honour spoke about the future requirements of FMCG companies from inkjet technology for packaging printing.

Mr Stewart Partridge currently the Sales Director - Asia Pacific for Sepiax Ink Technologies of Austria, and Chimigraf Ibérica SL also was one of the distinguished speakers at the event. He was the founder of the globally respected company - Web Consulting and managed it for 13 years. He enlightened the audience with the future trends and novel industrial applications of Inkjet. Various speakers deliberated on the essential components involved in the formulation of inkjet inks & ink technology from renowned companied including K-Tech (India) Ltd, Buhler, Heubach. Day 1 concluded with a presentation by Paresh Shetty (Country Business Manager – Signage) on the latest technology offering and ink developments at HP.

Day 2 began with digital textile printing focus sessions with presentations from Mr Maurizio Ponchiroli (BD Inkjet Asia, Huntsman Textile Effects), Mr Paolo Milini (MS srl, Italy) & Mr S.C.Sharma (President, Jaysynth Dyestuff Ltd). This was followed by presentations on Colour Management & profiling by Mr Vishnu Kamat (Sales Manager, AGS) & Mr Kiran Prayagi (Partner, GATE). The sessions ended with an interactive panel discussion on “Prospects of Inkjet in India” by eminent speakers.

Speaker Panel at Inkjet India 2010

Some of our eminent speaker panel at Inkjet India 2010 L to R - Gajanan Chandavarkar (Convener), Mr Kiran Prayagi, Mr Surendra Gupta, Mr Stewart Partridge, Mr Maurizio Ponchiroli, Mr Paolo Milini, Prof. Shlomo Magdassi, Mr Vishnu Kamat, Mr S.C Sharma, Mr Aditya Chandavarkar (Co-ordinator).

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