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Based in Mumbai, CNT Expositions and Services LLP has established a series of successful exhibitions, conference and seminars in the areas of 3D Printing, Inkjet Printing, Packaging and Textile Processing. CNT is an acronym for Catalysing New Technologies and in the same spirit they work closely with industry to create knowledge sharing and business networking opportunities to promote and catalyse new technologies in varied spheres.
CNT also provide Be-spoke consulting and market intelligence services to the various stakeholders of the industry.


Aditya Chandavarkar

Aditya Chandavarkar is a established entrepreneur with business interests in manufacruring, innovative technology and consulting. He is the co-founder of CNT Expositions and Services (acronym for Catalysing New Technologies), which was subsequently formed by the acquisition of Inkjet Forum India – a leading knowledge sharing platform for inkjet printing technology founded by him. At Inkjet Forum India, Aditya was single handedly responsible for conceptualizing and organizing conferences and educations programs, in the area of digital textile printing and industrial inkjet.

He is also a Director at Silversheen Inks & Coatings Pvt. Ltd. (, a company which is involved in the manufacturing of printing inks, & coatings. At Silversheen, Aditya is actively involved in business development & strategic planning. He was the instrumental in the appointment of Silversheen Inks & Coatings Pvt Ltd as the authorised distributor for graphic and industrial inkjet inks and associated ancillary products by Chimigraf Ibérica SL, Spain for the Indian subcontinent.

He is also the Founder & CEO at Inkjet Forum India, which is a knowledge-sharing platform for disruptive printing technology. Inkjet Forum India organizes conference, educations programs, and exhibitions in the areas of digital textile printing, industrial inkjet & 3D Printing.

Aditya speaks at leading conferences worldwide on the development and evolution of inkjet printing.

Aditya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science from University of Central Lancashire, Preston and a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from University of Manchester, UK.

Dilip Raghavan

Dilip Raghavan is the co-founder of CNT Expositions and Services LLP (acronym for Catalysing New Technologies), which will cater solely to new emerging markets and industries. CNT has already created a new event for the 3D printing industry, and has entered the digital and inkjet printing space, through its acquisition of Inkjet forum India.

He is also the Managing Director of Colour Publications Pvt Ltd, India's oldest publishing houses for techno-commercial journals in India. They have been in existence for over 65 years and publish seven periodical B2B titles for varying industries such as paints/coatings, plastics/polymers/packaging, textiles, nonwovens/technical textiles, inkjet printing, 3D Printing, chemicals, personal/home care, food, pharma, etc. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher for these titles, all of which have chemistry and coloration as their fundamental commonality. All of these titles are the undisputed leaders in their space in India, with a significant presence and recognition globally too.

He was instrumental in recently forging a Joint Venture alliance, wherein the Paintindia Exhibition became part of the European Coatings Show alliance. He continues to be a majority stakeholder in this event, and the Managing Director of Exponova Exhibitions and Conferences (I) Pvt Ltd, the JV entity. He is also the Co-Founder of a new start-up entity called Trademill Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is a technology outfit designed to serve the online business needs of various B2B industries, with a special emphasis on the chemical industry.

He frequently represents India and the industries that he serves through his publications at international forums both as a Media Representative, and at times as a country speaker.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (B.E.) with a specialisation in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University. married, with one son. He is an avid animal-lover. His hobbies include extensive reading and public-speaking.

Dr R Rangaprasad

Business Head - Packaging 360
Dr.R.Rangaprasad is a polymer & packaging professional with over 25 years experience. He has served as Consultant at Indian Institute of Packaging Mumbai & as Director at SIES School of Packaging / Packaging Technology Centre. Between 1995 & 2007, He was associated with Product Application & Research Center of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). He has also conducted training & knowledge workshops at leading FMCG companies in the area of design of polyolefin materials for packaging sector.

S Radhakrishnan

Head - Content
Radhakrishnan brings his cross-industry content expertise to CNT Expositions and Services LLP. In addition to CNT, S Radhakrishnan is the Group Editor of three leading Techno Commercial Journals serving the Coatings, Paints, Polymers, Plastics, Textiles and Packaging Industries. Besides this he is also the content editor and writer on several websites.

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Media Partners


Colourage has a strong brand image as India's premier monthly magazine in the field of Textile Wet Processing.

Popular Plastics and Packaging

Popular Plastics and Packaging is India's premier Techno-commercial magazine for the Plastics Processors and users, catering to the needs of the Plastics and Polymer Industries as well as the Plastics Packaging Industry across the globe. The complete spectrum of the industry is regularly featured in the journal. These are Raw Materials and Feedstock, Processing Machinery, Packaging, Dies and Moulds, Instrumentation, Polymers and Petrochemicals.


PaintIndia has built a place for itself as the pioneer and the only journal in the coating industry not only in India, but in the entire Far East. It has all along championed the cause of the coating industry to the extent that the Indian Industry looks upto the journal for objective presentation of news, independent expression of views and dissemination of information in continuing research in coatings and raw materials, and its allied fields. In its continuous pursuit of reader service, Paintindia is now looking to offer something to the end-user of Paints by paying some more attention to the applications aspect of coatings.

Strategic Event Partners

Colour Publications Pvt Ltd

Colour Publications Pvt Ltd is India’s oldest publishing house for techno-commercial journals in India. They have been in existence for over 65 years and publish seven periodical B2B titles for varying industries such as paints/coatings, plastics / polymers /packaging, textiles, nonwovens/technical textiles, chemicals, personal/home care, food, pharma, etc. All of these titles have chemistry and coloration as their fundamental commonality. For more information visit

IMI Europe

IMI Europe facilitates collaboration and learning within the community of inkjet technology developers and users for digital printing and deposition applications. We organise high quality conferences and courses in Europe and Asia aimed at strategic & commercial executives and technical developers in the digital printing industry. Our sister company IMI Inc organises similar events in the USA. For more information visit

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